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What we do

We use all our experience and best practices to create high quality products and improve the teams we work with. We love working close to our customers using Agile methodologies as building blocks of our work.



Our team focuses on implementing innovative web applications using Ruby, being Rails our main expertise.

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Backend Backend

We focus on understanding the business logic and architectural needs to design performant backend solutions.

Frontend Frontend

We aim to give the best possible UX using HTML5, CSS3 and popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Ember.



Because we believe in finding the best tool for the job, Elixir and Phoenix have entered our current backend stack. They are here to stay as part of our technology tool belt.

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Elixir Backend

Critical needs, require powerful tools. Elixir has proven to be ideal for low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems.

Phoenix Web Development

Phoenix leverages Elixir to create top of the line web applications.

Agile Development

Agile development

We are convinced that iterating over our work is the best way to improve. We analyze each project so we can adapt the development process that fits the best to your needs.

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Mentoring Mentoring

We leverage this process to mentor the teams we work with. Iterative processes are great to stop, discuss and learn, whenever it's needed.
Best Practices

Best practices

Excellence is the result of expertise, hard work and thorough refinement. We always work hard on staying up to date with the latest best practices, as well as creating our own.

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Code Styleguides Code Styleguides

We try to follow the well known standards out there, but we give them an unique style. Our team codes in a consistent and similar way.

Design Patterns Design Patterns

Architectural design of the applications we work on is strongly influenced by design patterns. We always make time to stop and think the best possible design.

Our approach

After years of experience we were able to refine and polish the way we work. We know now that the client is our main character and we've built a process around him. The following series of steps is our recipe to success.


There is always time to sit down, analyze and understand the situation, no matter the deadlines. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Once we know everything about what needs to be done, we use all of our expertise and creativity to come up with the best possible solution.


We need to make sure we fail fast. Therefore we validate all of our ideas with our clients before starting to work on them. Communication is key.


This is where the magic happens. Previous input, code styleguides, design patterns and our love for maintainability merge into a real application.


A second pair of eyes always adds great value. Find bugs earlier, propose enhancements, or even learn from the code, are only few of the benefits of reviews.


We define small chunks of features to develop and then continuously integrate to the existing application. We like it to grow organically.

Our approach

The Client

This whole process is designed to work closely with our clients. We strongly think they need to be involved in every step, so we can then exceed their expectations.

About us

We were able to build a group of great professionals, who with their different sets of skills, add up to a uniquely balanced and robust team. Quality is our main pilar, and it's something we keep in mind at all times.

Clients say

When we started our journey to reinvent our applications with Ruby on Rails, we were looking for a company that could augment our expertise and accelerate our efforts.
With Paragon Labs, we found a partner that is highly skilled and passionate about the quality, performance and timeliness of our solutions. In addition to implementation and delivery of solutions, they have provided consultation and best practices not only for Rails but for our micro services architecture and our DevOps development/deployment pipeline. One of the main factors for their success is their ability to constantly collaborate with our projects teams seamlessly through the use of Skype, Slack and Beam robots.
Because of the shared values of innovation, agility and excellence they have demonstrated, we have designated them as one of our strategic partners and consider them a part of our teams where they participate in our company hackathons and agile competitions.
Jerry Lam Software Architect at CareerBuilder Jerry Lam
Braulio has integrated himself fully as part of our team, despite being 'just' a contractor. He cares about our product, our processes and our people. We'd happily recommend him for another project.
Preston St. Pierre CTO at Preston St. Pierre
The team at Paragon Labs has been an excellent complement to our in-house engineering staff. They quickly understood and bought into our product vision and have the technical chops to produce high quality work. Above all else they are great communicators which makes the process of working with them seamless. Highly recommended!
Tony Huynh VP of Engineering at Tony Huynh
I rarely meet teams of engineers so passionate, skilled, reliable and trustworthy. Constantly caring about the process, they use all their experience to help clients run a successful business.
Anthony Schmidt Founder at TARMAC Anthony Schmidt
The team at Paragon Labs exceeded all my expectations. Throughout our relationship, Paragon Labs developed a good understanding for our own vision and work flows, and found a way to successfully complement our operations...
Alfonso Pintos Co-Founder at Meme Menu Alfonso Pintos

The Team

Nice to meet you
We love to travel and meet out clients to bond and build strong relations.
Fabian Rodriguez
Co-founder & Software Engineer

Best practice preacher by day, hacker by night. His technical expertise raises above his vast amount of qualities and open source is one of his greatest passions.


Sebastian Suttner
Co-founder, Software Engineer & ScrumMaster

The best combination of management and mad development skills you'll get. A true leader and perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the teams he works with.


Lucia Grosso
Administration & Office Manager

With great proactivity, she is always on top of things. Discipline and ownership merge into one really accountable person. She's our hero that makes everything in the office run smoothly.


Open Source Enthusiastic
We believe in open source and we contribute to several projects that we found interesting and use on a daily basis.
Braulio Martinez
Co-founder & Software Engineer

Determination drives him. When he commits to something you can rest assured he'll make it happen. Customers are thrilled by his kindness.


Giancarlo Vanoni
Software Developer

Giancarlo is always looking for cool tech stuff to share with the community. That's why he is ORT's Student Branch Chair for the IEEE. He's a fast learner, and his passion for Rails is as mad as his kickboxing abilities.


Marcelo Casiraghi
Co-founder, Software Engineer & ScrumMaster

His incredible patience makes him a Zen Engineer. It’s amazing how he can focus and solve problems that no one else can. Everyone loves working side by side with him.


Maximiliano Kotvinsky
Software Developer

A passionate guy about technology that always makes his way to find neat solutions. With his really polite manners he makes everyone on the team feel very comfortable. During the weekends he never looses the chance of watching all important soccer games!


Martin Rodriguez
Co-founder, Software Engineer & Senior Frontend

He'll give everything to make the people he works with happy. People love him! A versatile expert that dazzles when it comes to frontend development.


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Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, we've got a very friendly timezone to work with the US. Feel free to reach out because we'd love to discuss your ideas with you. Listening is one of our greatest qualities.